Population Health

Population health services to improve the health and wellbeing of our communities

The Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer is a leader in the delivery of high-quality, high-performance population health services. We are committed to making a difference to the health and wellbeing of local, regional, national and international communities.

We understand the complexities of population health and the importance of delivering services that improve the health of our communities in ways that are equitable, safe, appropriate, acceptable and cost effective.

Our team of experts work collaboratively and invest in strategic relationships with clients, government, program partners and stakeholders. We are committed to being strong and effective advocates for population health programs and have extensive experience as advisors and experts in population screening and vaccination.

Population Health’s culture of collaboration and our unique skill mix is key to our success and international reputation for high-quality, policy-relevant research focused on preventing cancer and infectious disease.

Our unrivalled combination of experience in delivering and managing population health services through registry services, epidemiology, research and evaluation, health information management, reporting and statistics allows us to find the best solutions to improve health outcomes for everyone.

Advancing Population Health

Registry & Operations Services

Advancing population health with proven, reliable, scalable services

With a 30 year track record in building and operating registries, ACPCC Population Health has a reputation for quality, excellence and value for service. We were the first in Australia to develop a cervical screening register and, prior to the move to a national registry service, built and operated the Victorian and South Australian state cervical screening registers. 

We also built and operated on behalf of government, Australia’s first all age national immunisation register, the National HPV Vaccination Program Register, prior to its integration into the national whole of life immunisation register.  Our registry systems and services are responsive and scalable supporting program change, continuous improvement and initiatives to extend program reach.

We are experts in protecting and managing data, recruitment and reminder services, pathway management and follow-up services for participants and healthcare providers, data and reporting, and contact centre services.

Our Population Health Division currently operates the Compass Register and the Participant Follow-up Function (PFUF) which supports the Victorian component of the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.

Recruitment and Reminder services

ACPCC Population Health has a long history of providing recruitment and reminder services as part of registry operations to extend program reach and improve participation. We understand the effectiveness of population health programs relies on identifying and targeting the right people at the right time.

Working closely with program partners, we have experience and expertise in identifying eligible persons for targeted recruitment campaigns and implementing call and recall services to support participation as per program recommendations.

Protecting and Managing Data

We provide a range of operational and consultancy services to support all your data management needs. Our data technicians hold extensive knowledge and skills in data flow design, data controls and quality to ensure health information is protected, well-managed, accurate and reliable.


Data and Reporting

ACPCC Population Health understands the importance of having the right information available at the right time. Appropriate, accurate, timely data is key to the effective delivery of health services and improving the health of our communities.   

Pathway Management & Follow-Up Services

 We are experts in developing systems and services to support and complement clinical pathways and data flows using our in depth knowledge of screening and vaccination programs, clinical management guidelines and data. We hold extensive experience in actively monitoring, tracking and following-up participants as they move through the assessment, diagnosis and treatment phases of the care pathway.   

Contact Centre and Mailhouse Services

We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver a high quality, confidential and professional contact centre and mail house services.

We have extensive experience in the provision and management of enterprise wide contact centre services that are fast, reliable and responsive, to support screening and vaccination. We use appropriately trained and skilled operators possessing program knowledge essential to ensuring that contacts are managed sensitively, effectively and consistently.

Effective communication about population health programs, for participants, healthcare providers and the public is key to encouraging participation and progression along care pathways. We offer a range of electronic and traditional communication methods to support your needs.  We tailor communication design and messaging, manage small and large volumes, and can provide in-house services or work with external providers.

Our research and publications

ACPCC Population Health has an international reputation for high quality, ethical, translational, collaborative, policy relevant research focused on preventing cancer and infectious disease.

Our culture of collaboration and our unique skill mix, is key to our success. Our team of experts includes clinical epidemiologists, scientists, health information managers, data technicians, developers and research partners.

Our services include research design and methodology, assistance with grant applications and governance, statistical analysis, and publication.

We are proud to be a key part of Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funded Centre of Research Excellence (CRE) in Cervical Cancer Control.

[link to publications in Our Impact and copy this from VCS publications page]

Data and Statistical Reports

Our data experts, including epidemiologists, statisticians, geographers, health information managers and developers, have experience in advanced statistical analysis and data linkage to demonstrate program effectiveness and impact of program change.

We can provide customised solutions to meet your data and reporting needs. Our services include report design and development, working with large complex datasets, monitoring and evaluation, statistical analysis, data linkage, presentation and publication of data.

Data & Surveillance Services

Appropriate, accurate, and timely data is the key to effectively delivering health services, improving the health of our communities and eliminating cervical cancer as a public health problem. At ACPCC we are experts at turning data into information to inform programs and policy.

 An example of this work is the cancer screening data reporting we currently undertake for Victorian government.

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