Clinical Resources

ACPCC has a number of PDF printable resources to support the educational needs of both the practitioner and patient. 

Self-collection for cervical screening

An information sheet for clinicians and patients, with step-by-step, illustrated instructions. 

An information sheet for clinicians and patients, with step-by-step, illustrated instructions available in 20 languages. 

An information sheet for clinicians outlining the process of sending self-collected vaginal samples to VCS pathology for testing. 

An information sheet for clinicians comparing screening options (cliniciancollected sample compared to self-collected). 

A 1-page, clinician-facing guide to supporting your patients to access VCS Pathology’s home-based self-collection service via telehealth 

A 2-page, clinician-facing resource with the illustrated National Cervical Screening Program pathway and supporting information.  

From September 2024, a nationwide campaign will raise public awareness of the self-collection option.

A 2-page clinician-facing resource answering the top 10 frequently asked questions on HPV self-collection.

Cervical screening (general)

A 2-page resource to aid discussion with patients about the nature of HPV and its link to cervical cancer.

Resource outlining management of patients with abnormal vaginal bleeding and following total hysterectomy.

Guidelines for screening in pregnancy, immune-deficiency and women exposed to DES in utero.

A 2-page, illustrated, clinician-facing resource with recommended techniques and instruments for taking a cervical sample, as well as images of cervical appearances. 

A 2-page, patient-facing brochure, when test results indicate the presence of an HPV infection that may be associated with cell changes that require treatment.

A 2-page, patient-facing brochure, when test results indicate the presence of an HPV infection, but there are no findings to suggest that further treatment is necessary. 

A 2-page, patient-facing brochure, when testing returns a negative result for HPV. 

A 2-page, patient-facing brochure, when results indicate that the laboratory has been unable to complete testing for technical reasons. 

A 15-minute instructional video for clinicians, leading you step-by-step through the whole procedure of taking a cervical screening sample.  

A 16-page, comprehensive information pack for clinicians, overviewing the key aspects of the National Cervical Screening Program, with several illustrated resources included. 

A 12-minute instructional video for clinicians, with up-to-date information to help you support your patients in making choices about cervical screening. 

A 2-page resource outlining considerations for screening women during pregnancy

Other resources

A 2-page, patient-facing brochure, explaining what chlamydia is, along with the process of getting tested and treated. 

A 2-page, clinician-facing resource outlining the testing and treatment procedure for Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea. 

A 16-page clinician and organisation facing toolkit, with over 90 links to resources, supplied by Victorian and National healthcare organisations 

A 2-page, clinician-facing information sheet with step-by-step instructions for taking a sample for CARS-CoV-2 testing.

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