Research & Innovation

We are proud to play a key part in innovative research, including Australia’s NHMRC funded Centre of Research Excellence in Cervical Cancer Control, C4.

Some examples of our work include :

  • World first findings of the impact of HPV vaccination on cervical pre-cancer, published in the Lancet.
  • World first findings of the impact of HPV vaccination on HPV infection
  • Over 25 years leading and participating in research evaluating and optimising cervical screening programs, including research focussed on hard-to-reach populations and disadvantaged persons in our communities.
  • Compass, Australia’s largest ever clinical trial
  • Conducting data linkage of large population health datasets to benchmark current rates of cervical and breast screening in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women in Victoria, participating in linkage projects examining cervical screening participation and outcomes including screening participation in HPV vaccinated women.
  • Research projects to support self-collection implementation.
  • Evaluation to support statewide DH Maximising Cancer Screening project.
  • GACD Grant for HPV based screening in India funded by NHMRC (now called SHE-CAN) planning commenced.

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