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The Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer is a world-leader in the prevention and control of cervical cancer. We have extended our leadership globally for cervical cancer elimination.


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“To prevent cancer and infectious diseases through excellence in the provision of population health services supporting screening and vaccination."

The Australian Centre for the Prevention of Cervical Cancer is not-for-profit organisation with over 55 years of expertise in cervical cancer prevention. Our purpose is to reduce the impact of cervical cancer for all women and people with a cervix.

The ACPCC offers a comprehensive suite of services to implement, support, monitor and manage large-scale population health programs, including cancer screening and vaccination. Our services include:

  • The laboratory operations of VCS Pathology and the HPV Reference Laboratory
  • Education services for healthcare professionals
  • The establishment and operation of cancer screening and vaccination registries, and
  • Delivery of digital health solutions and services
  • Policy relevant and evidence-based research and evaluation.

The unique combination of these distinct but integrated services delivers world-leading cost-effective solutions for public health outcomes.


The ACPCC is a trusted advisor to local, federal and global governments in their elimination of cervical cancer. 

Our 2020-2025 strategic plan outlines the 9 key strategies that are the focus of our work during this period.

Read about our highlights, achievements and challenges, and how the ACPCC is contributing towards the prevention of cervical cancer in Australia and beyond.

The ACPCC has a proud 50+ year (since 1964) history of proudly working to reduce the incidence of cervical cancer. 

The ACPCC is proud of our highly-skilled and dedicated team of professionals committed to achieving better health outcomes and saving lives. 

The ACPCC is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, consistent with our Values of Fairness, Integrity, Respect and Excellence, Cultural Safety and wellbeing benefits.

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