Receiving Test Results

ACPCC has partnered with HealthLink to ensure the provision secure communications with our referring practitioners, allowing timely and secure electronic reporting as soon as reports become available.
This involved the migration of over 1200 general practitioner clinics from a system which had become obsolete, to Health Link, throughout 2022/23, enabling us to continue providing secure patient results.

Already with Healthlink?

The Healthlink team will contact you to schedule a date to receive your results from VCS Pathology

Not with Healthlink?

Please register with Healthlink services by following this link:

Once you are registered with Healthlink, they will contact you to discuss your clinical software integration and schedule a date to start receiving results from VCS Pathology. 

Why have we chosen Healthlink to communicate test results?

Minimal interruption to your service
Over 70% of the Clinics that use VCS Pathology already use HealthLink, allowing a smooth transition of your services.

FREE for Australian GPs
HealthLink is cost-free for Australian General Practice, which includes technical support relating to the features of your Practice Software.

Seamless and Reliable
With HeathLink’s smart software partnerships, General Practices often don’t realise they’re using HealthLink as part of their everyday operation.  It works in the background with no logins required, enabling secure and efficient communication between doctors.

Tightly integrated into your system
HealthLink can integrate directly into more GP clinical software systems than any other provider, and offer no charge for GPs to register, install, and start using.

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