Information Resources

ACPCC has a number of PDF printable resources to support the educational needs of both the practitioner and patient. 

Self-collection for cervical screening

Cervical screening (general)

Five yearly HPV tests are safer and more effective than two yearly Pap testsCliniciansInfo sheet2 pages
Starting screening at age 25 is safeCliniciansInfo sheet2 pages
HPV Testing is SafePatientsInfo sheet2 pages
Specific Populations and Investigation of Abnormal Vaginal BleedingCliniciansInfo sheet2 pages
Cervix Sampling CardCliniciansInfo sheet2 pages
Taking a Cervical Screening Test: Instructional VideoCliniciansVideo15 minutes
National Cervical Screening Program Key information for health professionals
CliniciansGuide/Info packMulti page (check length)
National Cervical Screening Program Quick Reference GuideCliniciansGuide2 pages
Cervical screening: Supporting your patients to make the choiceCliniciansGuide2 pages
What do my results mean – higher riskPatientsBrochure2 pages
What do my results mean – intermediate riskPatientsBrochure2 pages
What do my results mean – low riskPatientsBrochure2 pages
What do my results mean – unsatisfactory
PatientsBrochure2 pages

Respiratory tests

SARS COVID testing – how to take upper respiratory testCliniciansInfo sheet2 pages

Sexually transmitted infections (STIs)

What is ChlamydiaPatientsBrochure2 pages
Chlamydia and Gonorrhoea testing at VCS PathologyCliniciansInfo sheet2 pages

Other resources

Cancer Screening Resource Kit for Primary CareCliniciansResource booklet16 pages

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