Dr Hiu Tat Mark Chan

Clinical Microbiologist

Dr Hiu Tat Mark Chan is a clinical microbiologist with a diverse range of experience acquired from various appointments in public hospitals, private pathology sectors, biotherapeutics manufacturer and not-for-profit laboratories. He graduated from University of Melbourne in 2003 and completed the requirements for his FRCPA in 2011. He is an examiner for the Royal College of Pathologists of Australasia, a committee member of the Donor Tissue Bank of Victoria, and a grant reviewer for the NHMRC. He currently holds an NHMRC postgraduate scholarship for his PhD at La Trobe University, where he is investigating new treatment paradigm for bacterial vaginosis. Before joining ACPCC in 2019, he was the National Lead in infectious diseases and microbiology for the Australian Red Cross Blood service (now Lifeblood), and he represented the RCPA in advising the TGA in drafting of the Australian Faecal microbiota transplant products regulation.

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