Information on you & your privacy

VCS Foundation appreciates that it holds sensitive personal health information. We have strict confidentiality practices in place to protect your privacy.

How is this personal information collected?

Your information is collected from the practitioner who orders your test. If you provide information directly to us, this may be entered on your record as well. Information
that you provide on the Compass trial consent form will also be entered on your record.

How may personal information be used?

Your personal information may be used for:

  • Reporting the test ordered
  • Charging for services (where applicable)
  • The Compass Register to remind you or your practitioner if you are overdue for a Cervical Screening test or other test. You can get more information about the Compass Register from your practitioner or by calling the Compass Register on 1800 611 635 or accessing their websiteat
  • Research to improve our knowledge, particularly on how to prevent cancer of the cervix. No research information identifies an individual person.

If you change your name or address please call the Compass Register on freecall 1800 611 635 or visit

This will allow the Compass Register to post your screening invitation letter and any reminder letters to the correct address.

Having regular cervical screening tests is an important way to stay healthy.

The Compass trial is being conducted by ACPCC in collaboration with the Daffodil Centre. By participating in this trial you are making a valuable contribution to important research on cervical cancer.

For further information call the Compass Trial research team on freecall 1800 611 635 or visit:

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