Associate Professor Misha Coleman

Director, Government Relations and Communications

Misha has worked in global public health for 22 years, and has lived in countries including Vietnam, Cambodia, South Africa and the Pacific. She has been the CEO and Executive Director of four not-for-profit organisations including the Global Health Alliance Australia, was the Mayor and a City Councillor at the City of Yarra for eight years and she has also worked with the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade. During COVID, she was the Team Leader for projects in the Philippines and Indonesia,  the Co-Director of the new Barwon Public Health Unit, and she also led work on the high risk accommodation responses in Melbourne’s public housing. Originally a midwife – working in indigenous Australia and in large townships outside Capetown –  Misha also has qualifications and work experience in international law, development studies, social science and monitoring/evaluation. She has two children who were both born in Thailand, and a strong passion to eliminate cervical cancer throughout the Asia Pacific region.

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