Prof Fanghui Zhao is Director at the Dept. of Cancer Epidemiology, National Cancer Center. She has worked at NCI/NIH, USA during 2013-2014 and at IARC/WHO as a Senior Visiting Scientist during 2015-2016. In 2019, she received the appointment as Professor Extraordinary at Department of Global Health, the African Cancer Institute, Stellenbosch University. She has carried out more than 30 population-based multicenter cervical cancer studies and published over 200 peer review articles, including The Lancet, Lancet Oncol, The Lancet Public Health, J NCI, IJC et al. In 2020, she has been selected as APEC’s Health Women Health Economy Research Prize Winner.

She serves for a dozen of professional societies: Vice president, Asia Oceania Research Organization on Genital Infections and Neoplasia; Education Committee Chair, Asian Pacific Organisation for Cancer Prevention; Member of WHO Cervical Cancer Guideline Development working Group; Vice Leader of National Cervical Cancer Prevention Network Consortium et al.