Dr Jane O’Hallahan (Public Health Medicine Specialist) has been the Clinical Director of the Cancer Screening (bowel, cervical, breast) and Antenatal Screening Programmes (Down syndrome and other conditions, metabolic, hearing) for the past 5 years with the National Screening Unit, Ministry of Health in New Zealand.

During this time the main achievements of the National Screening Unit include development of a Quality Framework; management of a major hearing incident; introduction of a National Bowel Cancer Screening Programme; improvement in equity in the Breast Screening Programme and development of an open disclosure policy.

Jane has led the work with the National Screening Advisory Committee considering new screening programmes and major changes to existing programmes and the Māori Monitoring and Equity Group which provides advice on equity.

Prior to this Jane has worked as a Medical Officer of Health and Clinical Director of the Meningococcal Vaccine Programme whereby an orphan vaccine was developed to combat an epidemic of a strain of Group B meningococcal disease.