Dr. Diep Nguyen graduated as Medical Doctor in Vietnam (1992-1998), Master of International Public Health at the University of Sydney (2003-2004) and completed her PhD at the University of New South Wales, Australia (2014-2018). Dr Diep Nguyen currently is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Pathways–Cervical cancer and HPV Group, Daffodil Centre, a jointed venture between the University of Sydney and Cancer Council New South Wales. Her research currently focusses on modelling the impact of HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening. She has recently been involved in modelled evaluations of HPV vaccination and cervical screening for Vietnam, Papua New Guinea and the Pacific as well as for the World Health Organisation (WHO). She previously has been involved across different research areas, including a clinical trial to evaluate immunogenicity and reactogenicity of alternative schedules of HPV vaccine, willingness to pay for HPV vaccine, and costing studies of HPV vaccination, cervical screening, diagnosis, and treatment of cervical cancer in Vietnam.