Genevieve Webb

Ms Genevieve Webb joined the Board in 2019, as a Director with a consumer perspective. Genevieve is a senior executive with extensive experience in health and human services. Her most recent position was Director Quality at BreastScreen Victoria, where she led the client centric care and consumer engagement program. Her previous roles include CEO of […]

Ms Ange Steele

Ange Steele joined the ACPCC Board of Directors in January 2022 as the nurse representative with relevant expertise in preventative health. Ange in a Registered Nurse, and Registered Midwife and has a Post Graduate Diploma in Adolescent Health and a Master of Public Health. Ange has been a cervical screening nurse for 22 years which […]

Ms Stephanie Reeves

Ms Stephanie Reeves joined the Board in February 2014 as a Director with expertise in Law. She served as Chairman from 2017 to 2019 and was a member of the Audit and Finance Subcommittee of the Board from 2015 – 2020. Ms Reeves has worked as an in-house legal counsel for both small and large […]

Dr Jane Collins

Dr Jane Collins was Chairman in 2019/20, a position she also held from 2009-2013. Dr Collins was appointed to the Board in February 2008 to fill the role of a Director with expertise in General Practice. Dr Collins is an experienced General Practitioner, business owner and freelance medical writer. She has a special interest in […]

Mr Tony Abbenante

Mr Tony Abbenante was appointed to the board in October 2018 as a director with wide expertise in Information Technology and Communications, he has specialist knowledge and experience in enterprise-wide digital health. Mr Abbenante holds a Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Studies from the University of South Australia and is a fellow of the […]

Ms Fiona Kelly

Ms Fiona Kelly was appointed to the Board in March 2017 as a Director with expertise in Finance, Commerce and Corporate Management and was appointed Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee at the 2020 AGM. Ms Kelly holds a Bachelor of Economics from Monash University and a Master of Business Administration from the University […]

Mr David Wrede

Mr David Wrede was appointed to the Board in May 2010 as the Director with gynaecological expertise and was appointed Vice Chairman in 2017. Mr Wrede studied medicine at Cambridge University and St. Thomas’ Hospital London. His post-graduate training was in General Surgery and Obstetrics & Gynaecology and included two years research into Cervical Cancer […]

Mr Tim Humphries

Mr Tim Humphries was elected Chairman at the 2020 AGM and was previously the Chairman of the Audit and Finance Committee. Mr Humphries joined the Board in 2012 as a Director with expertise in Finance, Commerce or Corporate Management. Mr Humphries holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Flinders University, and Master of Business Administration (MBA) […]