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canSCREEN is an award-winning purpose-built registry software solution specifically designed for population health programs. It provides a high-performing, integrated, flexible and automated registry platform supporting cancer screening, prevention and vaccination registration at local, regional and national levels.

The canSCREEN population health screening registry delivers complete screening records in line with program policies and guidelines and can support multiple programs. It supports registry operations and interactions between members of the public, government officials, health professionals and other stakeholders.

Unlike conventional electronic medical records, which support encounter-based medicine, canSCREEN has been designed as a dedicated population health registry platform that offers the best of both worlds — a clinically driven real-time operational register with the scalability and reliability to support national programs.

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What are the benefits of a cancer screening registry?

  • Reduce the incidence and mortality of preventable cancers by supporting cancer screening initiatives – ultimately saving lives.
  • Underpin reporting on program performance, safety and quality of screening services.
  • Improve the quality and integrity of data on screening program participation to inform public health policy formulation and safety monitoring.
  • Provide data to maximise participation amongst under-screened groups (including culturally and linguistically diverse populations) through targeted initiatives.
  • Inform the effectiveness of government cancer prevention and treatment services.
  • Provide critical data to support research into cancer epidemiology, prevention and treatment.
  • Provide a framework for clinical trials assessing the efficacy of screening tests.
  • Build strong relationships between various stakeholders contributing to cancer screening, driving the success of screening programs.

canSCREEN is highly configurable and can support almost any screening model (including point of care treatment models)

It can also support traditional laboratory models


canSCREEN supports a three-pronged approach to cervical cancer prevention


Can assist in managing the provision of the HPV vaccine, if needed.


Supports in the provision of cervical screening to women aged 25-64 years.


Provides a registry for the treatment of women with precancerous changes in the cervix. Treatment can prevent these changes from developing into cancer.

canSCREEN features

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  • SAAS – available anywhere, any time on any device 
  • Secure on the latest high-performance platforms 
  • Multifactor Authentication 
  • Azure Cloud performance 
  • Mobile offline capability for remote regions 
  • Role based access and controls 
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  • HPV, Cervical, VIA, Cytology, Dual Stain, AVE,  Colposcopy test types 
  • User centric design to support contact center operators  
  • Country and regional support, including management of multiple programs 
  • Address and naming localisation 
  • Scanning and document management module  
  • cClinical trials 
  • Emails, SMS and Letter automated follow up engines
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  • Integrated dashboards 
  • Standard and ad-hoc reporting 
  • Health information management and data analytics supporting clinical care, operations, and research
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  • Consumer matching engine 
  • Duplicate detection and resolution 
  • Multiple sources/data feeds 
  • Data migration 
  • Quality inherent in the design 
  • Integrated clinical and operational 
  • Quality assurance functionality 
  • Detailed auditing 
  • Data accuracy indicators
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  • GeneXpert machines 
  • Deceased data 
  • Government information 
  • Population listings 
  • Health identifiers 
  • Other service providers 
  • Industry standards – HL7, FHIR, LOINC, SNOMED, ISO etc 
  • Clinical contact event management 
  • Support for clinical trials
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  • Matching rule configuration 
  • Correspondence templates 
  • Reminder and clinical care pathway management 
  • Health Program level configuration 
  • Configurable rules engine 

canSCREEN screenshots


canSCREEN has a live performance dashboard showing how many women screened, the % of test results and a number of other performance indicators.   A range of de-identified record linked data extracts are also available in csv format for deeper analysis and use in BI systems.

Capturing Demographic details

canSCREEN can capture a wide range of demographics and is configurable per instance allowing the capture of national identifiers, various address and location information, contact information and social demographics for reporting purposes.  

Capturing episode (screening, test or treatment) details

canSCREEN can integrate into a variety of lab systems or screening and treatment details can be entered manually where integration is not practical such as in remote locations.   ACPCC’s many years of experience in cervical screening practices have allowed us to optimize the fields needed to manage the data in this area. 

The fields captured will be updated as clinically validated HPV tests, or other novel screening technologies, come to market. 


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