canSCREEN in PNG and Vanuatu

The project goal is to develop vital digital infrastructure for health systems and embed WHO’s three-pronged approach for effective vaccinations, screening and treatment to the local settings of the Western Highlands Province of PNG and Vanuatu.   This will be used as a pilot project to set key nations in the Western Pacific on a path to sustainable cervical cancer elimination.

The canSCREEN PNG registry went live on 28 May 2022.  The project integrates directly with GeneXpert instruments in the field to get same day results. Both the registry and connectivity solution are now successfully in use in the Mt Hagen WWC.   This was the first instance of canSCREEN supporting the “screen and treat” model for HPV screening and the first role out of the offline mobile app for the collection of data into canSCREEN.


The PNG team have now screened hundred patients with testing continuing to increase as the program expands.


ACPCC have enabled a locally adapted canSCREEN registry in Vanuatu.  ACPCC worked with participants from UNSW, VFHA and Vila Central Hospital to facilitate the implementation of the Vanuatu instance.   The Vanuatu program has also adopted the “screen and treat” model for HPV treatment similar to PNG’s program.


The data from both Vanuatu and PNG are informing the strategy for the expanded program and is providing valuable insights into the extent of the program required to support the eradication of cervical cancer in the region.

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